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martial art for every body.

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the mkg method:


Adult Training

MKG Detroit has always made our number one priority the development of martial art and martial sport training opportunities for adults. This practice acts as a vehicle for optimizing your physical and mental health, while installing effective tools for personal defense and safety.

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Youth Training

MKG Detroit is Ferndale’s premier location for youth martial art training! The MKG Method is a excellent way for your 7-12 year old to develop patience, persistence, a positive mindset, and disciplined physical fitness, while learning about a variety of global and historical cultures.

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Training Events

MKG Detroit is a proud host to many specialty training events at our gym in Ferndale, MI. Join one of our unique signature seminars on a variety of martial and movement topics, as well as special events presented by both local and international martial art and movement educators.

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The MKG Work Shop

All artists and developers have their Work Shops.
This one is Ours.


“MKG Helps Build Functional and Peaceful Individuals,
Who Help Build Stronger and Healthier Communities.”

MKG Detroit Mission Statement

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Our Diverse Training Menu

MKG Detroit is excited to offer training in many unique martial and movement arts from around the world, each offering unique insights into the complete spectrum of Martial Artistry.