Our Story




MKG Detroit is a unique neighborhood gym and community organization where people from all walks of life work together to develop themselves, both physically and mentally, through the transformative practice of Martial Artistry.

Martial Art is not just for elite athletes, super spies, or the Cobra Kai. It is more than adults fighting or kids playing. Martial Art is a part of our shared human story, a tradition of movement and mastery that transcends time, race, geography, and belief. Throughout history, people have used this intentional practice to develop healthier, stronger, and safer selves and communities. This, too, is our mission at MKG Detroit.


  • Increased Strength and Conditioning

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Movement Practice

  • Stress Management

  • Developing Practical Tools for Self Protection

  • Social Workout with Metro Detroit Community Members

  • Engagement in positive Team Dynamics

  • Development of stable joints and increased range of motion

  • Increased balance, coordination, and fluidity of movement

  • Access to “The Flow State,” shown to increase mental acuity while decreasing stress

  • Increased Bi-lateral Coordination and Bi-lateral Function, shown to also increase Cognitive Function in studies utilizing martial arts for patients managing symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

  • Offering more discipline and structure to positive habits

  • Unique education on the lifestyles and traditions of various global and historical cultures


In addition to their diverse menu of weekly classes, MKG Detroit also offers tailored martial art, yoga, and movement training experiences to their many corporate and non-profit partnerships around Metro Detroit. These unique team-building opportunities get staff up and moving together, while educating them on safe and healthy living. Head Instructor Kurt Cornwell also provides specialty training to security/law enforcement personnel, athletes, coaches, and local film/television professionals.

About MKG Detroit's Owners

Kurt Cornwell & Amariah Houseknecht

MKG Detroit was founded by husband and wife team Kurt Cornwell and Amariah Houseknecht in 2013 as a pop-up mobile gym in the city of Detroit. Classes were originally held in Corktown, Midtown Detroit, the Avenue of Fashion, and Southfield, MI. Their first brick-&-mortar gym was founded in 2016 in Ferndale, MI, where Amariah and Kurt live with their two twin daughters and one strange dog. MKG Detroit has since grown into an even bigger location, located at 368 Hilton Rd in Ferndale since 2018.

MKG Detroit also regularly partners with other martial art organizations in the Great Lakes region to present workshops and seminars on a variety of topics, from functional fitness to training in rare martial arts from around the world.

MKG Detroit is proud to be Michigan's official headquarters for the innovative and world-renowned MKG Method of Martial Art, and the MKG International Family of Martial Artists.

MKG METHOD Founder, Sifu/Guro/Ajarn/Coach Rick Faye

MKG METHOD Founder, Sifu/Guro/Ajarn/Coach Rick Faye


MKG is both a Method of holistic martial art development and a global family of martial artists. This method is meant to help the unique individual find and develop their own creative path through martial artistry, with a particular emphasis on fitness, function, flow, and fun. Martial Artists of all backgrounds make up MKG’s global network, including Hollywood directors, UFC coaches and athletes, professionals in all fields from surgeons to soldiers, students, fighters and coaches of both amateur and professional levels, and artists of all mediums. MKG was founded in 1982 by world-renowned martial artist Rick Faye. The MKG Inernational headquarters is located in Minneapolis, MN, with the flagship school still run by Sifu Rick Faye to this day.