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International Wrestling Skills for Complete Martial Artistry

Wrestling, be it from a standing, kneeling, seated, prone, or supine position, is an essential element of being a complete Martial Artist. Great for everything from realistic self defense to competition, Grappling is enjoyed by beginner and seasoned martial art practitioners all over the world.

Our classes are safe and suitable for all experience levels, especially those new to Grappling as an Art or Sport. The MKG METHOD is informed by competitive arts, but not held in place by them, and as such our primary focus in MKG DETROIT Grappling classes is complete Martial Artistry first, as well as practical Self Defense.

This is a “no-gi” class, which means simply wear comfortable workout clothes, wrestling/indoor-gym shoes may be permitted at certain times. Rash Guards are a wise choice, but not required.


The Grappling curriculum found within the MKG METHOD is a blend of techniques and tactics from many different specialized grappling systems popular today. They include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

  • CSW (Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling)

  • JKD Grappling (via the legendary Sifu Larry Hartsell)

  • Shooto (Old School Japanese MMA)

  • Silat (Indonesian Fighting Art)

  • Kali (Dumog and various Filipino Empty-Hand systems)

Currently, only Beginner-Level Grappling Classes are available at MKG DETROIT. This means if you are new to martial art, or to the Grappling Arts as an area of study, we’ve got you covered!