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Jun Fan Gung Fu:

Bruce Lee’s Chinese Boxing

Bruce Lee is known all over the world as a movie star, pop culture icon, and Hong Kong's proudest son.  However, his greatest area of importance and influence remains Martial Artistry.

Lee is generally regarded as the Grandfather of modern Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), having created a legendary and scientific approach to fighting that synthesized elements of martial art styles from all over the world. Lee focused less on traditions or national identity, and more about naturally expressing one's self through physical movement and physical challenges, developing a scientific process through which one might find which self defense tools and techniques suited their own natural tendencies and body type. He called this process “Jeet Kune Do,” and it is the philosophical foundation of the MKG METHOD.

MKG DETROIT is proud to offer a fully comprehensive Jun Fan Gung Fu program, as given to us by both Sifu Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee’s closest friend and training partner) and Sifu Rick Faye (Founder of MKG International). Beginner-level training in the various Kickboxing methods taught and trained at Bruce Lee’s original Los Angeles Academy during the 1960’s will give you a solid foundation as a Martial Artist. As you advance in his method, Lee’s Philosophy of “JEET KUNE DO” will help to mold you into a fluid, educated Martial Artist who is limited by nothing and free to express yourself honestly with the human body.


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