Jun Fan Gung Fu /
Jeet Kune Do Concepts

Bruce Lee's famed fighting method!  This 60-minute class will enhance your ability to implement effective and direct kickboxing skills, along with the technical trapping and controlling techniques found in arts like Wing Chun Kung Fu.  Bruce Lee is generally regarded as the Grandfather of modern Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), having created this legendary and scientific approach to fighting in an effort to combat what he referred to as the "classical mess" of traditional martial art training. Lee analyzed the reality of hand-to-hand combat, leaving virtually no stone un-turned, while studying in-depth a variety of martial arts from around the world.  The result was a ground-breaking philosophy of martial artistry that continues to inform most functional martial art training to this day, and which serves as the backbone of the entire MKG Method.  MKG Detroit is, first and foremost, a JKD school. In this class, you can learn many of the techniques and methods trained, developed, and/or taught by Bruce Lee himself to Guro Dan Inosanto, and several other of Lee's original group of students.  MKG Detroit is proud to represent not just the MKG International Organization in Metro Detroit, but also the Inosanto International Martial Art Instructor Association.  This makes MKG Detroit a 3rd generation JKD program after Sigung Bruce Lee, with an unbroken lineage and long-standing tradition of functional Jeet Kune Do respected around the world. 

Tuesday 7:30pm - 9:00pm