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FREE Beginner Workshop!

Come see for yourself what MKG Detroit, Kickboxing, and recreational mixed martial art training are all about!

This FREE 90-min class is your chance to try your hand at basic techniques and training drills under the guidance of MKG Detroit's owner and head instructor Kurt Cornwell.  As it always is at MKG, the environment for this workshop is fun and comfortable, with an emphasis on safe and open training. 

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  • Info Session and Q & A covering the essentials of MKG's training environment and structure, as well as the styles of arts trained here and how they can be encorporated into your lifestyle and fitness goals

  • Introductory Training Course covering basic kickboxing strikes, defensive structures, footwork, and athletic conditioning

  • Exclusive Discounts on training packages and membership options just for attending!

  • Access to training gear, preventing you from needing to make any up-front financial investments whatsoever.