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17th Century European Rapier Workshop!

Join MKG Detroit in welcoming HEMA Specialist Adam Franti from Lansing, MI for a two hour workshop on the Rapier, one of Europe’s most iconic weapons! This clinic will introduce the basic tenets of early 17th century rapier fencing, from footwork and bladework to the theory of attack and defense. Primarily used for thrusting, the rapier was a versatile weapon for self-defense and for settling personal disputes, and became ubiquitous among the upper classes until nearly the end of the century.

Weapon simulators may be provided for an extra fee (details TBA), but it is additionally recommended that participants bring a pair of light gloves, a light jacket or thick sweatshirt that entirely covers the torso and arms, and a pair of sports goggles or other eye protection. Groin and chest protection is also recommended.

About Guest Instructor Adam Franti:
Adam is a Fechter in the Meyer Freifechter Guild and a Free-Scholar of the Historical Fencing Association. He started modern olympic fencing in 2005, and has been active in HEMA tournaments since 2015, specializing in Longsword and Rapier of the late 16th and early 17th century. He is an organizer of the Midwest Historical Fencing League and has been one of its top competitors since its formation. In the summer of 2017, he started the Lansing Longsword Guild, and he remains its president and head instructor. He comes highly recommended by members of both the local MKG and HEMA communities.

Earlier Event: March 26