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SEEK & DESTROY: Destructive Striking of Silat and Panantukan

The Destructive Empty-Hand Striking of Silat & Panantukan.

Join Guro Kurt Cornwell and Dr. Eric Greenberg for a one-day workshop on the various routes, methods, and natural body weapons of Bruneian Silat, Indonesian Silat, and Filipino Panantukan.

These methods will give you the tools to make every strike count, to incapacitate an opponent, and to target joints and other high-value areas of the body for maximum effect.

This event is public, recreational, and open to all experience levels. No prior martial art experience is required, but may prove helpful. Expect a fast pace in a safe, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere, with content from two of Metro Detroit’s most qualified instructors. This content will add something to the toolbox of any seasoned martial artist, and open up many doors and insights for the beginner.

Want to be Jason Bourne? John Wick? Ryan Reynolds? Don’t we all. But this will be cool, too. See you on the mat.


1. Dr. Eric Greenberg, DO
Dr. Eric is a veteran to southeast Asian martial arts, having spent the last 15+ years studying the many methods of fighting from the various archipelagos of the region, with a particular emphasis on the arts of Silat. He is the Head of Master Maul Mornie's "Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD)" organization for North America, along with Mr. Eric Olea of Washington DC. He is also the Founder and Head Instructor for SSBD Detroit, Michigan's only official Bruneian Silat training group.

2. Guro Kurt Cornwell
Guro Kurt is a long-time student of international martial art legends Sifu Rick Faye and Guro Dan Inosanto, and founding instructor of MKG Detroit, the Michigan HQ for Rick Faye's "MKG Method" and the MKG International Martial Art Organization. He is a TEDx Keynote Speaker (UCLA 2019), published martial art author, and media producer. His primary areas of study have long been the Filipino Martial Arts, Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Gung Fu, and the methods and principals of Jeet Kune Do.


MKG Detroit
Martial Art & Kickboxing
368 Hilton Rd.
Ferndale, MI


What to Bring:
Notepad for notes, water, finger-less MMA gloves (if desired), focus mitts (some will be provided on an as-needed basis).