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Bruce Lee's Trapping Hands! 1960's Era Jun Fan Gung Fu


MANO MANO Martial Media



A Workshop on the Wing Chun Trapping Elements of

1960’s-Era Jun Fan Gung Fu.

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This 2-hour tutorial will teach you much of the original and classic Trapping Progressions taught by Sigung Bruce Lee and Sifu Dan Inosanto during the years 1966 and 1967.

Sigung Lee’s original synthesis of martial art, Jun Fan Gung Fu, comprised much of the Wing Chun trapping elements learned during Lee’s training with Yip Man, and acted as a kind of road map to developing Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Lee’s legendary approach to attaining the highest levels of functionality in Martial Artistry. This classical series serves as a great highlight of Jun Fan Gung Fu, and as a touchstone in Lee’s own MMA evolution.

Content will be taught as it was shared with us directly by both Sifu Dan Inosanto, martial art legend and Head Instructor at Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute during the 1960’s and 1970’s, and Sifu Rick Faye, world-renowned JKD expert. The Instructor for this clinic will be MKG Detroit Founding Instructor Sifu Kurt Cornwell, TEDx Speaker, writer, and veteran MKG International Jeet Kune Do Instructor. Kurt also helped to develop the weekly Trapping Class taught at the MKG International Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN.

Event Cost:

Martial Art & Kickboxing
368 Hilton Rd.
Ferndale, MI

Sifu Kurt Cornwell
•MKG Detroit Head Instructor and Co-Owner
•Instructor Credentials under Sifu Rick Faye (MKG), Sifu Dan Inosanto (IIMAIA), and Guro Phil Norman (Ghost UK/USA)
•15+ years experience in JKD, 25 in Martial Art
•TEDx Talk Speaker On Martial Art (UCLA 2019)
•Published Martial Art Author
•Martial Art Media & Design

What to Bring/Wear:
Comfortable workout clothes, a clean pair of gym shoes, and a notebook for taking notes.