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Ghost Boxing: Introduction to Ghost Elusive Combat

GHOST is an elusive style of competitive fighting intended for ring sports where the rule-set allows the contestant to stand up and fight. Developed by legendary coach and martial artist Phil Norman, along with top-tier English Boxer and Ghost Representative Jake Clarke, Ghost is a deceptive and wildly dynamic style of competitive boxing that relies upon constant movement, elusive footwork, creative striking, and an offensive-defense that overwhelms and confounds the opponent.

With Ghost, you will learn:

  • The Basic Strikes and Striking Style of Ghost Boxers

  • The Application of footwork and concepts often found in FMA and JKD training in a way that is truly functional against a trained combatant

  • Basic Combat Geometry

  • Basic Ring Generalship

This workshop will officially launch GHOST DETROIT, Metro Detroit's first and only officially sanctioned Ghost Elusive Combat Training Group and coaching HQ. Coach Kurt Cornwell, owner and head instructor at MKG Detroit, is one of only 7 officially-licensed Ghost Instructors under Head Coach and Ghost Founder Phil Norman of the UK. GHOST is currently changing the boxing game in the UK, and MKG Detroit is proud to have the opportunity to help it grow here in the United States. Get in on the ground floor of the next wave of Martial Art training!

All experience and fitness levels are surely welcomed to attend. Keep in mind, this workshop will involve a LOT of movement, as the 3rd Principal of Ghost is "Constant Movement." Be prepared to sweat, work hard, learn awesome and exciting ways to hit and not get hit, and have a ton of fun. No experience in competitive boxing or MMA is required, and intent to fight competitively is also not a requisite for attending, or for enjoying the many benefits that Ghost training has to offer us as practitioners.

What to bring:

  • Boxing Gloves

  • Spare Tee Shirt (1-3 shirts if you tend to sweat a lot)

  • Mat Shoes (clean tennis shoes, boxing shoes, or wrestling shoes)

  • Towel (again, plan to sweat)

  • Water, water, and more water

  • A notebook - you're going to want to get some of this down for future review and practice

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