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Submission Wrestling Workshop: No-Gi Grappling with Coach David Hearst

Join MKG Detroit in once again hosting Coach David Hearst of MKG Cleveland for a 3-Hour clinic on the foundations of Submission Wrestling!

Submission Wrestling is known for it's effectiveness both in competition and self defense, and emphasizes creative joint locks to all four limbs, as well as various cranks and chokes. It is either synonymous with, or shares a root with, other grappling arts like Catch Wrestling, Shoot Wrestling, Catch-as-Catch-Can, Folk Wrestling, and more.


What to Expect:

•Drills! Drills! Drills!

•Basic Positions on the Ground

•Basic Attacks

•Basic Defense Options

•A Solid Workout

•A New Love Affair With Grappling


What to Bring:

•Multiple t shirts (plan to sweat)

•Rash Guard top is a good idea


•Knee Pads (preference — space is matted)


•Notebook (smart people take notes)


What to Pay:

•Just $35! (cash preferred)


What Not to Do:

•Show up Stankin’

•Show up with long Finger Nails

•Eat a Big Meal Before Training

•Feed Mogwai After Midnight (generally good advice)



Coach David Hearst

•MKG Cleveland Founder & Head Instructor

•MKG Method - Instructor under Sifu Rick Faye

•Combat Submission Wrestling - Coach rank under Sensei Erik Paulson

•Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Brown belt under Professor Roy Harris

•Kali & Jeet Kune Do - Instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto

Muay Thai - Instructor under Ajarn Chai Sirisute