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This FREE INTRODUCTION TO KIDS MARTIAL ARTS is your child's chance to explore the fun and wonder of Martial Artistry, and your chance to see first-hand the diverse benefits of MKG training for your family!

This month's intro workshop will teach your 7-12 year old the basic strikes, drills, and games of MKG Youth Martial Artistry, as well as some of the various cultural traditions found within MKG Detroit's holistic and global perspective on the many facets of Martial and Movement Arts.

Sure to be a great time, full of laughter, learning, fitness, and fun!

Martial Art has been one of the most popular youth activities in the US since the latter half of the 20th century due to it's physically and mentally engaging activities, skill development for personal safety, and those essential non-physical skills that help our children remain healthy in body and mind.

About MKGD's Youth Program:

MKG DETROIT is THRILLED to offer a fresh approach to Martial Art programming for your 7-12 year old! Developed by MKG DETROIT Co-Owners Kurt Cornwell (veteran martial artist and head coach), and Amariah Houseknecht (martial artist, yogi, child therapist), MKG Youth Martial Art is a kid-friendly blend of the various martial arts trained via the MKG METHOD, with a specific emphasis on Respect, Confidence, Free Expression, and Self Worth. You child, be they new to martial art or joining us from a different style, will enjoy challenging and engaging skill development, exercise, and self defense training through the various levels of our YOUTH BLACK BELT PATHWAY, and receive all kinds of rewards and educational responsibilities along the way. Make your family a part of the newest kids MOVEMENT here in Ferndale!