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MKG TRAPPING MATRIX: The MKG Method of Mixed In-Fighting

  • mkg detroit 1035 Hilton Road Ferndale, MI, 48220 United States (map)


MKG Method In-Fighting Seminar

Join us for a full seminar on a subject that has put the MKG Method on the map all over the world: Close-Range Tactics and Attribute Development. Learn how to flow from one technique to another, one strategy to another, and one art to another, while maintaining a strong defensive framework. Techniques and drills from the art of Hubud-Lubud will improve your tactile awareness, hand speed, and overall coordination, while areas like the Thai Clinch will safely provide you with the powerful tools necessary to dispatch determined aggressors.

This fully-comprehensive clinic will provide you with an expansive toolbox of in-fighting techniques and strategies, as well as a platform for the future development of your own intuitive style of movement and martial artistry in the most elusive of combat measures, the Trapping Range. Content will organically integrate material from Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Panantukan (Dirty Boxing), Silat, Boxing, and Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Gung Fu. 

The MKG Method and MKG Family, as created and pioneered by Guro Rick Faye, are known internationally as a martial art collective and community that values the fun and down-to-earth training of both realistic self defense strategies and martial art stewardship. The central influences and ingredients are filtered through the Jeet Kune Do philosophy, and include Jun Fan Gung Fu, the Filipino Martial Art, Muay Thai, Combat Submission Wrestling, and Indonesian Silat (among many others).

This seminar will be taught by Guro Kurt Cornwell, owner & head instructor of MKG Detroit, primary representative for the MKG Method in the state of Michigan, Inosanto International Martial Art Association Instructor, creator of the SMMASh! Martial Art Web Series, developer of martial art and self defense programming for at-risk youth, martial art community organizer, and regular guest instructor for security professionals, athletes, corporate groups, health and wellness events, and more.

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