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MKG Double & Single Stick Workshop: MKG Phase One

Designed with the MKG Detroit Member Tribe in mind, this workshop is part of an ongoing series of special courses covering whole categories of content from the MKG Phases of Integrated Martial Art Development.  All experience levels are welcome, as are non-MKG members and MKGD alumni. This event is primarily intended for those who wish to test through the Phases of MKG Method’s International Curriculum.


KALI: The Filipino Martial Arts

Flow drills and technical development from MKG Phase Levels 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3, to include (though not limited to):

  1. Ready Positions (open, closed, center)

  2. Range (Largo Mano, Medio Mano)

  3. Footwork (Langka)

  4. Single Stick Basics (Solo Baston Abecedario, Cinco Terros)

  5. Single Stick Flow Drills (Solo Baston Amerra)

  6. Stick Deflections and Technique Applications

  7. Disarms

    1. Solo Baston

    2. Doble Baston

    3. Empty Hand

Later Event: February 10
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